About Us


The RMSA (Ryerson Muslim Students Association) is a recognized student group which is an extension of the Ryerson Students’ Union Services. Its purpose is to serve as a representative body of Muslims on campus to provide its members with all necessary services on the religious, academic and social levels. The RMSA strives to be a role model in its various involvements on campus in spreading awareness, love and respect.


1. To serve as the representative voice of Muslims at Ryerson University.

2. To accommodate the religious, academic and social needs of its members.

3. To build a cohesive and unified community of Muslims on campus.

4. To provide opportunities for leadership and personal growth to its members.

5. To promote peace and respect between its members and the community.

6. To be a role model in community involvement at Ryerson University.


Service: An institution in which members can foster their spiritual, intellectual and social development.

Community: To maintain an accommodating environment that caters to the needs of Muslim students.

Education: To serve the Ryerson community with religious and academic needs.

Tolerance: To maintain consistent relationships within the Ryerson University community through mutual respect and to act as an organization which represents a unified Muslim body on campus.

Excellence: Perform MSA duties with the outmost Ihsan, which is to strive and reach the best standards of performance in any circumstances or situations.

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