Case Competition: The Syrian Refugee Crisis


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Canada keeping to its traditional values have taken a commendable stance on welcoming over thousands of Syrian refugees into Canada.

In this spirit we bring you a chance to help our fellow Canadians by bridging the gap between business acumen and social innovation. Use your creative minds to help better the lives of thousands of refugees.

Essentially, without giving too much away, you will be given a budget and you will be tasked with coming up with a resource/idea that could help Syrian refugees here in Toronto.

It’s not so much of a business case, there is obviously a business element to it, however we have designed the case in a manner that gives people of any faculty equal chance to succeed.

Registration can be done as a team (min 4, max6), or individually. If you register individually, we will put you in a team on the day of the competition.

Cash prizes of $500, $300, and $200 for the top 3 teams respectively.

Full course dinner (Affy’s) as well as breakfast will be provided.

Top industry judges will also be at the event, giving you a chance to network while you make a difference.

*Due to the growing popularity of this event, we have decided to open the case for graduate students as well, not exclusive to Ryerson students! Squad up and Sign up!*



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