Time to Walk the Talk 

Orphan Sponsorship Program (OSP)


One of our main and pioneer programs!  The OSP serves the community by encouraging members to help orphans around the world by raising funds for food, shelter and clothing.  Over the past many years, we have raised over thousands of dollars that has helped many orphans. The OSP helps develop a level of unity within our members, by striving together for social good around the world. 




One-on-one (or group) confidential counselling sessions that provide an avenue to help with individuals cope with inquiries that are religious, social or academic at a basic level.   This program is a means for students to get help when other resources are not available, to the best of our ability (in sha Allah) with qualified individuals. 

Sister’s Weekly Halaqas


Sandwich Run


A collective effort to give food to the needy in our local communities.  We strive together by singling out a day of our schedule to make sandwiches and distribute them around our community at Ryerson to those who are homeless. 

Pink Hijab Day

A campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness and for the beauty and power of the Hijab.  Pink Hijab Day is an international event that occurs on the last Wednesday of every October.  MSA’s worldwide collectively participate by initiating events and campaigns in their local campuses to help raise funds for breast cancer research.  


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